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Inspect & Analyze Investment Properties

We can provide Investors with an analysis on desired properties to purchase as well as expert consultation on rental rates, vacancy rates, and other relevant market data.

Rental property valuation is obviously a critical component of your investment strategy. If you're buying an investment property and plan to rent that property out, then you'll want to conduct a rental analysis to determine the potential rent your property will obtain.

Our goal here is to provide a one-stop source for free tools and realistic advice to help you get started and ultimately succeed with rental property investing. Our resources enable us to have access to critical information such as:

  • Type of housing renters are looking for
  • Market rates for specific rental units
  • Which properties are under rented
  • Which neighborhoods have high vacancy rates
  • Which investment properties and apartment communities are for sale
  • Who is purchasing or seeking to purchase apartments and investment properties

Partnering With Industry Experts

We partner with Ellis Consulting Group to provide comprehensive consulting services. Ellis Consulting Group was established in 1984 to provide executive level consulting services to the real estate industry. The Ellis name has become the acknowledged leader in multi-family for its marketing, training and property performance services. Their array of products and reports include:

  • Comprehensive Market Comparable Surveys
  • Special Problem Consulting
  • Occupancy and Turnover Issues
  • Employee Surveys and Assessment
  • 3rd Party Property Inspections
  • Full Scale Marketing Plans
  • Apartment Lease Ups
  • Feasibility Study for Rehab and New Construction
  • Marketing Observation and Recommendation Reports
  • FFF – Field, Find, Fix Results NOW Consulting Program
  • Nationwide Apartment Mystery Shopping and Onsite Employee
  • Evaluations (through our affiliate, EPMS)

The ELLIS Consulting Group team of multi-family professionals represent an alliance of experienced apartment operators who are expert in various management, marketing, and training disciplines.

Pro Powered Leasing System

An efficient and effective leasing process is an absolute must when you're looking to fill vacancies. Our exclusive 8 step process systematically produces quality tenants for your property FAST.