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Oversee Rehab of Your Investment Property

In addition to handling the property management, we are able to oversee renovations for your investment property.

Determining Improvements

As an owner, your goals are typically to maximize today’s cash flow while increasing the value of your property over time. In order to achieve the highest rental income and secure top quality tenants, we have found that the property must be repaired to the neighborhood standards. You will need to determine what repairs are needed and which improvements to make on your property that will translate into added value or an increase in rent. We can help you with these decisions.

Know Before You Buy

We can accompany you or your home inspector and provide you with feedback or even an estimate of the repairs needed to rent the property. Many of our investors have used this service and we have numerous references available upon request!

Overseeing Minor Rehab

If your property only requires minor repairs or rehab, your Portfolio Manager can oversee the work at no additional charge. We use all 3rd party vendors and do not add on any additional fees or charges for work performed. You are kept informed during the process and provided before and after photos or videos.

Overseeing Major Rehab

If your property requires major rehab and you would like us to oversee the work performed, we charge a low flat fee of $500 to $1,000, depending on the scope of the required renovations. An inspection report is performed at the beginning of the process and any work performed along with estimates and vendors bills can be tracked 24/7 through our online owner portal.

Pro Powered Leasing System

An efficient and effective leasing process is an absolute must when you're looking to fill vacancies. Our exclusive 8 step process systematically produces quality tenants for your property FAST.