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Dedicated Portfolio Manager

You get an experienced Full-Time Portfolio Manager that is experienced in managing investor portfolios. Your Portfolio Manager serves as a single point of contact and is able to offer guidance based on your individual goals.

Single Point of Contact

You have a dedicated Portfolio Manager that will be your single point of contact. This means when you have questions regarding any of the properties in your portfolio, you will be contacting the person that is the most knowledgeable regarding your properties and goals. The Portfolio Manager’s primary duties include:

  • Collection of all funds due
  • Lease, rules and HOA enforcement
  • Property inspections
  • Lease renewals
  • Owner, Tenant and Vendor communication
  • Maintenance coordination
  • Work order and vendor bill approvals
  • Pre-Purchase Estimates
  • Overseeing Rehab

Experienced Working with Investor Portfolios

Our Portfolio Managers make Rent Solutions unique for investors. We have Portfolio Managers with years of experience in evaluating, rehabbing and managing investment properties. Most of our Portfolio Managers and company leadership have bought and renovated numerous investment properties for themselves. We give our experts the best tools possible to manage your home. They know the best vendors in the industry, tenant-landlord laws and what is needed to rent your home. Having an investment property expert is the greatest asset to choosing property management because you can be assured a knowledgeable Portfolio Manager will always be in your corner. We have helped dozens of investors grow their portfolio, often starting with just one or two troubled properties. We not only helped fix those troubled properties, but then helped them successfully acquire new properties to grow their investments into a profitable portfolio that performs well.

Solutions to Meet Your Specific Goals

Your Portfolio Manager will take the time to learn about your specific goals. This could be understanding the type of property you are looking to purchase, specific information and reports you may need or your exit strategy for properties. By learning about your specific goals and needs, we can tailor our efforts and offer solutions best suited for YOU.

Pro Powered Leasing System

An efficient and effective leasing process is an absolute must when you're looking to fill vacancies. Our exclusive 8 step process systematically produces quality tenants for your property FAST.