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Significant opportunities exist in taking under performing or distressed properties and increasing their NOI. This can be done by increasing rents, increasing occupancy, decreasing expenses, improving management and renovation.

Distressed Properties

We feel an abundance of opportunities are currently available for purchasing distressed properties. For those investors looking to buy, hold and rent out their properties, there are great many deals available which can also produce immediate cash flow. The rental market demand is up and rents are rising. That's partly because those foreclosures have turned more than 4 million former homeowners into renters, but also because many other prospective homeowners, worried about losing their jobs or housing prices falling a lot further still, are reluctant to buy now.

From initial purchase and inspection, to marketing and management and final exit, we can provide a full-service turn-key solution for investors and property owners. For Investors looking to buy and hold investment property, we can help provide solutions to increase ROI and occupancy.

Current State of the Market

Many of the homes for sale today - as many as half in some markets - fall under the category of "distressed properties." These are homes that have either gone through foreclosure or are being marketed as "short sales.". In addition, currently 49.1% of homes in the Greater Tampa Bay market have mortgages with negative equity (underwater).

Despite the favorable conditions for refinancing—U.S. mortgage rates are near their lowest levels in more than 50 years—many homeowners haven't been able to benefit from the downward march in mortgage rates because they either don't have enough equity in their homes or don't qualify under today's stringent lending rules.

Option the Property

A property that is under-performing is a good candidate for using an Option. The value of an investment property is determined primarily by its income and past performance. That would mean a distressed property is valued low. Investors can obtain an Option to purchase the property at its current low value. We would then proceed to direct our resources to increase the occupancy of that property at the highest possible rents.

Once the property’s occupancy is raised, its value will be correspondingly higher. Investors then have two choices:

  1. Purchase the property.
  2. Sell the Option to an interested buyer for more than what it is optioned for and pocket the difference.

Either way, you build in profit up front and reduce risk.

Pro Powered Leasing System

An efficient and effective leasing process is an absolute must when you're looking to fill vacancies. Our exclusive 8 step process systematically produces quality tenants for your property FAST.