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Multi-Family Property

Small and mid-sized apartments are gold mines gone untouched by the hedge funds. In between those million dollar deals and large apartment complexes, there is a revolving door of small and mid-size apartments available for investors.

Our original apartment locating service, was founded for the purpose of creating a significant resource of quality tenants to enable us to increase the value of multi-family property. Since the property's value is determined by its cash flow, by affecting that property's cash flow you dramatically affect its value. Our expertise in the rental business and our access to an ongoing supply of renters enables us to fill vacancies quickly and thus raise the market value of rental properties. We offer valuable solutions for multi-family properties including special programs for small to midsize properties (8-100 units).

Why Multi-Family Property

Multi-family properties offer investors advantages over other types of real estate and remain a more stable investment. Three important factors account for this:

  1. They are less dependent on business cycles for occupancy than other types of real estate investments. It doesn't matter if interest rates and home prices are high or low, apartments are generally more affordable.
  2. Apartments have shorter leases; thereby offering greater protection from inflation than the long-term leases associated with other properties. That is, rents can be negotiated more frequently.
  3. The pool of tenants is much greater for apartments than other types of properties. This ensures a more consistent occupancy than industrial and commercial properties, which usually have only a few tenants to choose from.

Rent Solutions' Advantages

Rent Solutions' greatest strengths are our ability to fill vacancies, to train managers and staff for optimum performance, and to custom design a comprehensive plan to convert a property from an under-performing money drain into a top-performing cash machine. We can find tenants for whom a smaller community is preferable. We can assume the role of property managers or sub-contract the service out. We are able to slash the property's advertising budget, since we only get paid when we produce results.

Increase the Property Value

The higher the occupancy rate, the more attractive a property appears to a prospective buyer. It is much easier to sell a property when it is 99% occupied versus 75% of capacity. The higher the percentage of occupancy, the higher the rents can be set. This results in a higher cap rate and a correspondingly higher valuation of the property. Apartments, condos and other investment property can be targeted for massive action and exposure. This could even be done on a property under contract prior to purchase to help facilitate financing or make the property more productive. Target property criteria include:

The Right Size Offering the Greatest Profit Potential

We believe an opportunity exists for investing or brokering small to mid-sized apartment communities (8-100 units) due to several reasons:

Smaller apartment communities (8-100 units) also have fewer buyers to compete with for the purchase. Institutional Investors tend to focus on properties with 100 units or more. The average investor generally would lack the sophistication to purchase apartments with 8 units or more.

Performance Consulting

We have successfully offered consulting services to apartment communities that increase traffic, fill vacancies and improve profitability. Performance consulting is the process of analyzing a community to determine its strengths and weaknesses. Upon completion of our analysis, we provide the community with a plan of action and work with the community to ensure that its goals are met. Our fees generally include an initial consulting fee and may also include an increased referral fee or performance bonus. The plan of action may include any or all of the following:

Specialty Contract Leasing

We partner with Ellis Consulting Group to provide an apartment community with a full-time, high-energy leasing professional whose only goal is to fill the property with qualified, stable residents. We create a marketing and advertising plan to meet your community’s occupancy requirements supporting the lease-up and our leasing professional.

Pro Powered Leasing System

An efficient and effective leasing process is an absolute must when you're looking to fill vacancies. Our exclusive 8 step process systematically produces quality tenants for your property FAST.